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Good afternoon everyone! I apologize this post came a little bit later than I expected. I've seemed to have fallen into another writing slump. I was aiming to at least have my very late review of The Girl In The Tower and a graphic novel spotlight posted by the end of the year. Alas, those are still sitting in my drafts very, very unfinished. But with the new year comes new beginnings, so I'm back, pushing through the writer's block, and sharing with you my favorite five 2018 reading goals.

1. Read 50 Books in 2018

This is a huge undertaking for me. I've been doing the Goodreads yearly reading challenge since 2011 and I've always aimed for a goal of 25 books. Some years I've completed it, some not. However, during 2017, I managed to read a record 42 books! 50 always seemed like a crazy goal but seeing how I did last year, why not go for it in 2018?

2. Take More Notes While Reading

Confession: I barely take notes while I read. I find taking notes distracting and often breaks my immersion. However, once I finish reading a book, I struggle to remember what I particularly liked and disliked about it. I've had to scrap multiple reviews because of this. I want my reviews to have more depth, so I'm hoping taking notes will remedy that. 

3. New Books Are Banned Until July!

That right! Thanks to Bookoutlet's Black Friday and Boxing day sales last year, my tbr is even more out of control. So in an effort to both take control of my finances and book buying habits, I've put a ban on buying books for the first half of 2018. Not even a month in, the struggle is already very real. There are already a couple of new releases that I'm dying to read but I'm determined to whittle down my tbr and see this through.

4. Read More Books By POC Authors 

Last year, 12/41 books I read were by poc authors. This was a pathetic try so I'm making more of a conscious effort this year to change that. 

5. Get Out Of My Reading Comfort Zone 

I can read fantasy and sci-fi novels for the rest of my life and you won't hear a single complaint from me, but where's the fun in that? There are so many wonderful and beautifully written books I could be missing out on. So this year I want to read more diversely. I want to read more classics, literary fiction and nonfiction. 

So I'd love to know your reading goals for 2018! Any particular books? Genres? Challenges? Let me know!

My cat Mel looking forward to 2018? Nah, he's just looking at the tasty birds outside.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Ooh! I used to be terrible at taking notes while reading until I discovered the voice-to-text feature on my phone :) I open a google doc, say my notes to myself, and then get on with reading - way quicker for me than typing them out on my phone and lots of hilarious auto-corrects along the way :) Also, no new books until July!?! Good luck! I try to break-it up with two months buying, one month ban.... I don't know if I could do six months at once. I'm cheerin' ya on!

    1. That is a genius idea and I'm going to have to steal it, lol. And thank you! I'm going to need it, lol. It's taking all my willpower not to buy all the new releases but thankfully I went a little nuts on Book Outlet's sales last year so I should have enough books to last me until July. My poor credit cards need a break, ahaha.

  2. You've set up some great goals for yourself, I hope you reach all of them (if possible) or at least most of them! YAY for wanting to read more books written by POC authors, they deserve all the support possible! <3 Also, I struggle so much with taking notes while reading because I don't like to take breaks while reading. I usually read a lot at once and I find taking notes gets me a little out of my reading mood. Great post! <3

    - Marta @thecursedbooks


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